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Reach Falls Waterfalls Port Antonio

Port Antonio, Jamaica

Reach Falls and natuire park Port ANTONIO Jamaica

These are probably the most gorgeous organic waterfalls of Jamaica. Whenever you visit , it remains a tranquil place surrounded by maiden rain forest.

A number of cascades drop over limestone sections from one hollowed, jade shaded pool to another one. A half mile walk up stream ends up in Mandingo Cave, which has a whirlpool.

Take note the warning which states, "Beware of Deep Pools and Strong Currents". There are changing suites in addition to restrooms above the parking lot.

Reach Falls is situated around 45 minutes east of Port Antonio, Portland. The 4.6 hectare real estate boasts incredible pure beauty, a tranquil environment, an interesting waterfall, substantial biodiversity and is a great environmentally friendly sanctuary.

Fascinating information about Reach Falls

Do you know

Reach Falls has more than 23 types of ferns
Reach Falls is home to many different wild birds such as the black and yellow billed parrot
Reach Falls includes a organic heart-shaped Jacuzzi which invigorates the entire body with every caress from the waters flowing throughout the channel
Reach Falls happens to be shown in Hollywood movies like Tom Cruise’s ‘Cocktails’ and the remake of ‘Lord of the Flies’

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