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Pellew Island Aka Monkey Island Port Antonio

Port Antonio, Jamaica

Monkey Island Pellew Island Port Antonio Jamaica Sightseeing Destination

From the coast of Port Antonio is a tiny, unoccupied plot known as "Pellew Island," otherwise called "Monkey Island"--there had been a colony of imported monkeys right here. To get here, you may first go to San San Beach, an attractive and private stretch open up each day (10 a.m. p.m daily, US10).

Lease a kayak and snorkeling equipment and make your way to the site  inside very clear view forward. The island is totally covered in plant life, you will find a small white sand beach, and the waters are shallow. Rest your boat on shoreline and snorkel across the island for as long as you please.

Visibility is outstanding and this also is one of the very best snorkeling locations in the area. Just be careful about your step if you're without footwear, as there may be sea urchins on the seabed.

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