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Navy Island

Port Antonio, Jamaica


Navy Island Port Antonio Jamaica

Navy Island is actually a small (64 acres) island off the coastline of Port Antonio in Portland Parish, Jamaica, previously managed by actor Errol Flynn.
The island was at one time held by motion picture pirate Errol Flynn and hosted numerous crazy Celebrity parties. Right up until quite recently, the Island has been preserved as being a tourist holiday resort and attraction, with a club pub, beaches, snorkeling and diving etc facilities, yacht club, wedding chapel and African style cottages.
Initially the island was handed to Governor Lynch of Jamaica for services to the Crown and named, "Lynch's Island". Subsequently, it utilized by the Royal Navy (hence the new name) for a gun battery at the far eastern end correspond the fortification constructed on the mainland. After going through many hands, Errol Flynn acquired (or won it gambling) and used it for his personal retreat. He selected and planted the long row of Royal Palms which remain today as one of the most breathtaking stands of such trees available.

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