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Green Grotto Caves

Runaway Bay, Jamaica

Green Grotto Caves Runaway Bay Jamaica Cave Explorations

The Green Grotto Caves are exhibit caves and a popular vacationer attraction on the northern coastline of Jamaica. Titled for the green algae that cover its surfaces, the shape of the cave is noticeably distinctive from inland systems; the cave is a Flank Border Cave (old mixing chambers close to the fresh water lens along with the sea water) together with two clear levels obviously suggesting two times with varying sea-levels. This innermost cavern contains a crystal-clear subterranean lake.
The earliest recognize occupants of the caves were Arawak Indians who also left ceramic fragments and adzes
When Jamaica was a English Colony the caves were used as a hideaway by the Spanish who had been being pushed out by the English settlers.
The caves had been also known to have been utilized by runaway slaves, and so the name Runaway Caves.
 Between the two world wars they were utilized by smugglers operating arms to Cuba, whilst in the later years of the WW2 the Government of Jamaica used the entry ways of the cave as a storeroom for rum in barrels.

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