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Dunn River

Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Dunns River Falls Jamaica Waterfalls Destination

Dunn’s River Falls has a quite intriguing historical past. It is said to be the location of the famous battle of "Las Chorreras". This conflict was fought in the year, 1657 and took place in the vicinity of Dunn’s River Falls. It was between the British and the Spanish Expeditionary Force from Cuba. The fight was in fact just for control of the island. The outcome of the war was in favour of The British who emerged victorious. In addition under the authority of the British, Charles Pryce was the first proprietor of "Las Chorreras". It some time right after became a part of the 276 acres Belmont property. The Belmont property was acquired by the State in the year, 1972 to make way for possible extension of leisurely activities and recreation area amenities.

Dunn’s River Falls is an impressive streaming falls that stretches across more than 183 metres or SIX HUNDRED feet. The falls is frequently presented in holiday commercials that recommend Jamaica. These promotions make Dunn’s River Falls one of the most well liked vacation attractions on the island. One other exceptional point is that the Dunn’s River is one of the only a few rivers in the world that streams directly into the Caribbean Sea. The most popular activity is hiking up the falls and then hanging out in one of the many lagoons or pools along the way.

Dunn’s River Falls was also featured in the James Bond Film “Dr. No”. Ian Fleming, who is the author of the James Bond motion pictures, fell in love with Jamaica whilst visiting the isle for a naval conference and spent more than a few winter seasons there at his residence. The movie included the legendary scene of Ursula Andress walking out on Jamaica’s famous Dunn’s River beach. The waterfalls are located near to the city of Ocho Rios.
The hiking of Dunn’s River Falls has been done by the residents as well as so many vacationers for so long that it is quite easy to believe that the waterfall was made for hiking. Even so, in truth and in fact, Dunn’s River Falls is totally organic and all of the components, crevices, and natural pools of water were made by the real movement of the water's current.

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