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Blue Lagoon

Port Antonio, Jamaica

Blue Lagoon Port Antonio Jamaica 


Blue Lagoon Port Antonio 

It is the most popular place in Portland. It is said that the lagoon is endless and that a sort of dragon is hidden there.

In the actuality Blue Lagoon is an captivating spot with blue deep water, a spring of freshwater and a well known restaurant where you can eat and drink consuming  food served on banana leaves.
Initially it was called “The Blue Hole”, however , this has been replaced once the lagoon was selected as a filming site for the 1980 movie “The Blue Lagoon” starring Brooke Shields. 

The popularity of the movie, influenced this switch of name, however, many native folks may well nonetheless refer to it as Blue Hole. Since that time it has also been employed to film some other movies, one being “Club Paradise” with Robin Williams.

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