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Jamaica Popular Places to Visit

Trench Town Culture Yard Jamaica

The Trench Town Culture Yard is located at 6 & 8 Lower First Street in Trench Town. It is one of the many houses which was built by the Central Housing Authority between 1940 & 1949. These houses were built on two hundred (200) acres of land which was known as Trench Pen. It was subdivided to facilitate a residential community to be called Trench Town

Kingston, Jamaica

Lime Cay Jamaica

Lime Cay Beach island Jamaica Port Royal KingstonĀ 

Lime Cay Beach is the main islet of the Port Royal Cays off Port Royal, Jamaica, located in the northeast of the reef. Located 15 minutes by boat from Port Royal, it has a small beach which makes it a popular location for recreation and sunbathing

Kingston, Jamaica

Hope Gardens Jamaica

Hope Gardens Jamaica Botanical Gardens Kingston

Hope Gardens Jamaica Kingston and flower garden located in the upper Kingston Jamaica, an oasis of Species of Flowers and Plants som authentic to jamaica and others imported to form a Very beautiful GardenĀ 

Kingston, Jamaica

Hellshire Beach Jamaica

Hellshire Beach Jamaica 

Hellshire Beach, Jamaica, can be found near to Portmore, as well as well-known because of its deep-fried seafood and risk-free swimming. They have near white-colored sands having a very little hint of dark color sand.
Uncovered when there is a lot running to the particular south, typically the waters near shore in many cases are quite gloomy due to the stirred up fine sand Very with locals also you may see you favourite Reggae musician there on any given day . Sightseeing  near kingston Hellshire beach for sights and Food and mix with locals


Kingston, Jamaica

Accompong Town Maroon Village

Accompong (from the Akan name Acheampong) is a historical Maroon village located in the hills of St. Elizabeth Parish on the Island of Jamaica. It is located in Cockpit Country, where the local terrain enabled Maroons and indigenous Taíno to establish a fortified stronghold in the 17th century. They defended it to maintain independence from the Spanish and then later against British forces, after the colony changed hands.

The people named their community Accompong after an early Maroon leader. Their autonomy with certain rights for limited self government was established by a peace treaty with the British in 1739.

 Since independence in 1962, the government of Jamaica has continued to recognize Maroon indigenous rights in this area.

Treasure Beach, Jamaica

Reggae Sumfest Montego Bay

Reggae Sumfest Reggae Festival Montego bay Jamaica

Reggae Sumfest is a reggae festival for a week of nigtly events around the reggae music , the events boast to be the greatest reagge show on the planet and offers the best and most popular in the music genre. You can visit for the 2 big night Dancehall and Internaltional Night or  make it a 1 week trip and enjoy all 7 nights of event that makes up the Week of Events  See packages  Sumfest 

Montego Bay, Jamaica

Roaring River

Roaring River Park is a heritage and nature recreation area in Jamaica.

The park is on the site of the Roaring River Estate which belonged to the Beckford family: Peter Beckford, William Beckford.

The Roaring River runs underground, before appearing near to Petersfield, close to the Roaring River Cave, a series of limestone caverns with a small mineral spring inside. The Roaring River Citizens Association, a local community group, looks after the caves and provides guided tours for visitors. There is also a fresh water sinkhole where visitors can swim and a landscaped private garden where visitors are welcome for a contribution.

The river provides the parish capital, Savanna-la-Mar, with its water supply and it is the most important source of water in central Westmoreland and the Georges plain.

Negril, Jamaica

Rockland Birds Sanctuary

Rocklands Bird Sanctuary houses some of Jamaica’s most beautiful types of bird. This particular place is a must see if you are a bird or nature enthusiast!
The bird sanctuary can be found at a charming little house.  The environment here is totally tranquil and calming.

The storyline regarding the spot is that the initial “bird trainer” relocated to this distant area in the hillsides of Jamaica in the early 1900’s, and fell in love. She would have every day strolls throughout the slopes admiring and feeding the amazing species of birds.
Following about 5 years of these day-to-day walks, the birds began following her back home. Before she realized it, the woman residence grew to become their favorite hang-out area.

Montego Bay, Jamaica

Faiths Pen Jamaica

Faith's Pen is situated about the major highway coming from Spanish Town to Ocho Rios and is particularly beautifully situated for travellers to stop for a food or total meals in the direction of or from Ochi. Faith's Pen has close to 30 sellers huts extend over this sizeable lay-by selling many traditional Jamaican Delicases , for example jerk hen, jerk pork, deep-fried seafood, roast fish, ackee and saltfish, mannish drinking water, festival, bammy, breadfruit, corn on the cob, soups and fresh fruit.

Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Sam Sharpe Square Montego Bay

Sam Sharpe Square Montego Bay Jamaica Historical 

Sam Sharpe Square, situated in the downtown area, is the traditional heart of Montego Bay. The area was originally called Charles Square, but was renamed in honor of the Jamaican anti-slavery campaigner Sam Sharpe. ... The focal point of Sam Sharpe Square is the National Heroes Monument

Montego Bay, Jamaica